Divisions - Fisha Group
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Fishawellness Hospital

Fishawellness is situated in Pretoria West, we’ve been servicing the mental health patients for over 20 years. With an experienced team lead by Dr.Fisha our hospital is well trained and well equipped. It’s your home away from home.


Mmathibedi Eco Spa

Mmtahibedi Eco Spa is situated in Midrand, working with in are therapist, beautician, nail specialist, hair dressers all coming together to bring you the best luxury beauty treatment anyone could get.


Fisha Mental Wellness Software

The Fisha Group have teamed up with software developers to develop an application that could help aid the mental well being of our youth. We need to explore this space as the world is changing right in front of our eyes. We aim to have this software on testing by 2017.


Fishawellness Medico Legal

Fishawellness Medico Legal has been assisting individuals to obtain legal advices when it come to medical related issues. Our experience can guide individuals and advice patients on legalities regarding medical issues.


Senthi Skin Care

Senthi Skin Care is developed by Dr. Senathi Fisha, a skin care brand aimed to provide good skin products that work in the harsh African landscape. We’ve partnered with scientist and dermatologist to develop the best formula possible. Senthi aims to be in the market in 2016


Bokone West Clinics

Bokone West Clinics is a registered clinic with it’s main ficus to provide professional services for Voluntary mental health, medico legal cases and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We have been in existence for 14 year and have gradually expanded into a fully fletched multi-disciplinary firm of mental health professionals firm of mental health professionals